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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

Central Stores Order Procedures

Ordering Cartridges and Communication Boards

If you cannot find the cartridge or communication board that you need listed in the Central Stores Online Ordering System or Online Catalog, please check the Office Depot HuskyBuy punch-out catalog. As these items are depleted from Central Stores stock, we will no longer be supplying them.

Cartridges include all laser cartridges, inkjet cartridges, fax cartridges, and copier toner. Communication boards include all bulletin boards, chalk boards, and marker boards.

General Information

Central Stores provides all University of Connecticut locations with nearly 9,000 items: office, maintenance, and laboratory supplies. Orders are delivered unless customer pickup is requested. Out-of-stock items are automatically backordered and noted on the packing list/invoice.

Prices are subject to change without notice; for more information, see Backorders/Price Changes.

Note: We can sell only to University of Connecticut Departments and other Connecticut State Agencies.

Online Catalog

Check out our Online Catalog for descriptions of all products, including just added items and up-to-date pricing on items currently in stock. New products are added throughout the year. Login identification is not required.

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About Online Ordering


  • Normal delivery time of a mailed order is shortened by a day.
  • Paperwork is reduced. No need to type a requisition or transfer voucher.
  • Access to an up-to-the-minute online catalog including just added products.
  • Easy to track your department's ordering history.
  • It is secure. Every user has login identification (“login ID”).

Request Login ID

To access the Central Stores Online Ordering System, you must have login ID. Send an e-mail to Information required: name, phone number, department name, unit number (if not in Storrs, please provide location), and a statement that you have authority to place orders online with Central Stores for your department. The statement may be from your supervisor or manager confirming that you have permission to place orders online.

Please Do Not Share Login ID

For access to the Central Stores Online Ordering System, please request your own login ID. Login ID should not be shared with others. Orders should not be placed under another person's name/login ID because it can cause problems if Central Stores needs to contact you. It may also lead to delivery errors.

Let Us Know When Ordering Duties Change

Please let us know when an online ordering staff member has departed or no longer has ordering responsibility. We will delete that individual's login ID from our system.

Order Guides / Tips

To ensure a successful Central Stores Online Ordering experience, you will find instructions and other helpful information at Order Guides / Tips.

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Requisitions and Transfer Vouchers

Supplies may also be ordered via a Requisition on Stores (forms BO-49 and BO-49a) or via a Transfer Voucher (form BO-20). Multiple items may be ordered on one Requisition or Transfer Voucher, but only one KFS code (account number) and one "ship to" (building location) should be used. Orders may be mailed, faxed, or hand carried to Central Stores. Please mail to Unit 6114; fax number is 860-486-3061. If ordering by fax, please do not also mail your order.

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Walk-In Service

The warehouse is located at 3 Discovery Drive behind the Public Safety Complex and across the street from Motor Pool. We are on the first floor of the Central Warehouse building. Our entrance is on the back-right side of the building, to the right of the loading docks. See also Map. Walk-in service hours are 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The office is staffed 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. To place a walk-in order, please complete a Requisition or Transfer Voucher.

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Backorders / Price Changes

Out-of-stock and special order products are automatically backordered and noted on the packing list/invoice. Special order products are items not stocked at the warehouse, but they are available at significant savings to the University. You may obtain special order items via regular Central Stores ordering procedures. All backordered products are delivered to your department as soon as possible after Central Stores receives them from the vendor.

Prices in the Central Stores Online Catalog are subject to change each time products are purchased by Central Stores. The Online Catalog has the most up-to-date posted prices for products in stock; the pricing should be accurate for products in stock at the warehouse when you place your order. The Online Catalog also shows pricing on special order products as of the last purchase date. Pricing may be out of date if the last purchase of either a regularly stocked product or a special order product was a while ago. And occasionally prices suddenly go up (and sometimes down!) even if the last purchase was made recently.

If part of your order is on backorder, the packing list/invoice that you receive with your delivery shows the price as of the last time we ordered the product from the vendor. When Central Stores actually reorders the product from the vendor, the price may have changed. The same thing is true for the price you see listed when you access the order inquiry feature on our online ordering system. The price listed for your backordered product on the order inquiry screen may change when Central Stores reorders the product from the vendor. Bottom line: the final price you are charged may differ from the price listed for the backorder.

If a firmer price quote is required on a regularly stocked product or on a special order product, please call Cat Canfield at 860-486-6506 or send an email to

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Receiving Your Orders

Please follow these guidelines when receiving your orders from Central Stores:

  • The Central Stores driver will present a delivery manifest for your signature. Drivers are not permitted to "drop off" orders without a signature. Please count the cartons before signing the manifest. The best time to correct an under or over shipment is right after you receive it.
  • Check the contents of the cartons immediately. Certain items may appear missing, but it may be that co-workers removed them before the order was checked in.
  • Before you call Central Stores to ask about delivery status, please check with co-workers who may have received the order for you.

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Product Requests / Complaints

To request that Central Stores carry a new product frequently used by your department, please complete the Stock New Item Form.

To report a complaint about a product purchased from Central Stores, please complete the Stock Item Complaint Form.

Central Stores is always happy to answer your questions. Please call 860-486-3626.

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