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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

Pickup and Delivery


Central Stores offers a variety of pickup services. Next day pickup service includes pickup of packages ready to be shipped, recycling of cartridges, and returns. Central Stores also has shredding and storage pickup service. For emergency same day service requests, please call 860-486-6297.

Pickup of Shipping, Recycling Cartridges and Returns

Central Stores provides next day pickup service of packages ready to be shipped, recycling of cartridges (printer/fax toners), and returns. There is no charge for this service. Requests must be made before 4:30 pm to be honored for the next business day.

Shipping Pickups
Central Stores ships out packages every day, including Federal Express, UPS, and DHL. Service includes ground, overnight, and international. Items must be properly packaged, addressed, and accompanied by a Transfer Voucher (BO-20). The completed Transfer Voucher must be firmly attached to the package. If required, the shipment must also include the air bill. For more information about shipping services, see Shipping.

Recycling Cartridge Pickups
Return used toner cartridges to Central Stores for proper recycling. Recycling is good for the environment and beneficial to the University. Proceeds from recycling cartridges are used to offset costs involved in recycling old University computers and other electronic equipment. For more information, see Recycle.

Return Pickups
Central Stores picks up returns of products ordered from Central Stores. For complete information on how to return Central Stores items, see Central Stores Returns.

Central Stores also picks up vendor returns to be shipped. Except as indicated for Office Depot and Fisher Scientific, vendor returns to be shipped must include a BO-800 form and a Transfer Voucher (BO-20).

Office Depot Returns: All returns must be processed through MaryAnne Brennan, the Office Depot on-site representative. Contact MaryAnne at 860-486-0424 or

Fisher Scientific Returns: Call Fisher Scientific, 1-800-766-7000 and request a Return of Goods Authorization Shipping Label. Affix the label to the carton you are returning. Please do not send your BO-800 vendor return paperwork to Central Stores. The BO-800 form for Fisher Scientific returns is for your department's use only.

To request a pickup of shipping, recycling cartridges, or returns, complete and submit the Pickup Form.

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Pickup of Shredding: CONFIDENTIAL University Documents Only

Central Stores provides a shredding service for CONFIDENTIAL University documents only. There is no charge for this service.

NOTE: Central Stores now picks up shredding on Thursdays.

Before submitting a shredding request to Central Stores, permission to destroy state records must be granted. Visit Records Compliance for complete information. For additional information about records management, visit Connecticut Public Records Administration.

Confidential documents to be shredded must be boxed, sealed, and labeled with the department name, phone, and contact person. Metal parts—such as paper clips—should be removed and the documents should not be in binders or part of a wirebound notebook.

This service is NOT for recycling documents that are NOT confidential.

To request a pickup of CONFIDENTIAL documents for shredding, complete and submit the Shredding Form.

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Pickup of Storage Items

Documents for storage must be boxed, sealed, and labeled with the department name, phone, and contact person.

To request a pickup of storage items, complete and submit the Storage Pickup Form.

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Central Stores regularly delivers materials ordered from our warehouse to all University locations. This includes nearly 9,000 items—office, maintenance, and laboratory supplies that we stock as well as special order items.

In addition, Central Stores also provides a routine delivery service to the University for supplies ordered from the Document Production Center and certain vendors such as Office Depot.

Delivery to Non-Storrs Locations

Are you located outside of Storrs? Central Stores delivers twice a month to non-Storrs University locations, including all regional campuses and cooperative extension centers. To see the complete Non-Storrs delivery schedule, please visit Non-Storrs Locations.

Receiving Deliveries from Central Stores

Please follow these guidelines when receiving your orders from Central Stores:

  • The Central Stores driver will present a delivery manifest for your signature. Drivers are not permitted to "drop off" orders without a signature. Please count the cartons before signing the manifest. The best time to correct an under or over shipment is right after you receive it.
  • Check the contents of the cartons immediately. Certain items may appear missing, but it may be that
    co-workers removed them before the order was checked in.
  • Before you call Central Stores to ask about deliver status, please check with co-workers who may have received your order for you.

Central Stores is always happy to answer your questions. Call 860-486-3626.

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