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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

Recycle Cartridges

Central Stores will pick up your used toner cartridges for proper recycling. Recycling is good for the environment and beneficial to the University. Proceeds obtained from recycling cartridges are used to offset costs involved in recycling old University computers and other electronic equipment.

To have Central Stores pick up your used cartridges for recycling, here's what you need to do:

  1. After removing a new cartridge, insert your used cartridge inside the box.
  2. Write RECYCLE on the outside of the box.
  3. Complete and submit the Pickup Form (before 4:30 pm to be honored for the next business day).
  4. Give the cartridge to the Central Stores driver when he/she sees you for the pickup.

Other than completing the online Pickup Form, there is no paperwork!