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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

Shipping and Receiving

Tracking Your Shipment

To track the delivery of a shipment, you may contact the FEDEX and UPS tracking systems directly. For other tracking questions, please call 860-486-6297. Please have the Transfer Voucher number handy.

Request Shipment Pickup

To request next day pickup of packages ready for shipping, please complete the Pickup Form.

For emergency pickup service of same day shipments and for shipping hazardous, large, or heavy items, please call 860-486-6297.

Shipping Services and Guidelines

Central Stores ships out packages every day, including Federal Express, UPS, and DHL. Service includes ground, overnight, and international. Items must be properly packaged, addressed, and accompanied by a Transfer Voucher (BO-20). The completed Transfer Voucher must be firmly attached to the package. If required, the shipment must also include the air bill. Packages dropped off to Central Stores by 3:00 pm are shipped out the same day.

Some shipping guidelines:

  • Central Stores offers Federal Express ground service.
  • Commercial (Custom) Invoices are required for all International Federal Express and International UPS packages except for letters or other documents. Print and complete the Commercial Invoice Form.
  • When sending UPS packages, you do not need to complete an airbill. Only a transfer voucher is required.
  • When sending Federal Express packages, both an airbill and a transfer voucher are required.

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Shipping Returns

Except as indicated for Office Depot and Fisher Scientific, vendor returns to be shipped must include a BO-800 form and a Transfer Voucher (BO-20).

Office Depot Returns: All returns must be processed through MaryAnne Brennan, the Office Depot on-site representative. Contact MaryAnne at 860-486-0424 or

Fisher Scientific Returns: Call Fisher Scientific, 1-800-766-7000 and request a Return of Goods Authorization Shipping Label. Affix the label to the carton you are returning. Please do not send your BO-800 vendor return paperwork to Central Stores. The BO-800 form for Fisher Scientific returns is for your department's use only.

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Shipping Supplies for Free

Certain shipping supplies are available at no charge—including blank air bills, packing material, letter and pak envelopes, and more. To request them, please complete and submit the Shipping Supplies Form.

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For questions about shipments to be received by Central Stores, call 860-486-6297. Please provide the following: purchase order number, vendor, carrier (if known), and tentative delivery date.

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